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January 25, 2023

You may have noticed that Preverity’s website has a new look and feel. We recently conducted research with leaders in the medical malpractice industry to better understand the issues that are most important to executives and managers, so that we could best position Preverity to serve as a valuable resource. We designed the new website and content to help accomplish that goal.

In complete transparency, of course we are looking to grow our business in 2023 and beyond. Our success depends on partnering with insurance carriers and health systems who seek insights to help identify, mitigate, and reduce risk related to medical malpractice. But one of the more interesting things we learned in the research had less to do with product features, and more about developing and sharing thought-provoking content.

A common refrain among our surveyed audience is that leaders are hungry for more insights and solutions that can help drive positive change in operations and performance. There is also a desire to create open discussions on a variety of topics, some of which may be controversial.

Now, the MPL Association does a fantastic job of curating and distributing content via their valuable channels, including Inside Medical Liability (look for the new digital format starting in February)! We are a proud partner of MPL and look forward to our continued collaboration.

Starting with today’s blog, Preverity will be publishing content that we hope readers find to be relevant, intriguing, and most importantly, useful. We have built the nation’s largest database of medical and pharmaceutical billing activity (80 billion-plus transactions) for the malpractice industry, which serves as the backbone for models we have developed to identify high risk activities across a spectrum of medical specialties. This data is rich with opportunities for us to explore and provide context and valuable insights on issues that affect the medical malpractice industry. We do this regularly for our customers, in the geographic and specialty markets they serve. Given the strong interest among industry leaders for more compelling information, we aim to leverage our data, insights, and years of experience to provide content that sparks interest, discussion, and opportunities to improve.

We would love to hear what you think about the website, as well as your thoughts on our developing content platform. Please feel free to email us, or to give me a call.

Kind Regards,
Gene Boerger, Chief Operating Officer

615-982-7076 | info@preverity.com