We’re revolutionizing the medical malpractice industry by aggregating and analyzing data at country-wide scale and applying our learnings to virtually every US healthcare provider.

Why? So you can leverage data to better manage risk.



How? We use our custom business rules and powerful analytics capabilities to identify relevant changes in provider behavior. Then we share those changes with you and your team so you can:

Access the insights you need to start optimizing your risk management now.



We’re modernizing the medical malpractice industry by aggregating and analyzing data into customized medical provider analyses that simply aren’t possible using traditional models or methods.

Our goal is to partner with you for a collaborative, strategic, and data-driven review of your business operations. Together we’ll uncover historical assumptions that may be impacting current operations, determine whether risk classes are optimal, and identify growth opportunities.

Let’s transform your business together. Start optimizing your risk management now.

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Key Statistical Trends
Provider Affiliations (12 months)
Prescriptions (12 months)
Procedures (12 months)
Application Status
Risk Class Standards
New Risks
Provider Affiliations (8 years)
Prescriptions (8 years)
Procedures (8 years)
Ad hoc Reporting
Marketing Programs
Risk Classes
Reference Groups
Risk Mitigation
New Risk Applications
Process Optimization
“We are building a partnership that can show a better way of doing business. This is why teaming up with Preverity was such an important step for us.”

Michael Roque,
CEO, Positive Physicians