Current Trends in Medical Provider Activities Driving Increased Malpractice Risk​

ASHRM Podcast: Featuring Larry Van Horn, Preverity Founder & CEO​

January 10, 2023

Learn about practice trends among specialty medical providers, and how, when a doctor changes practice behavior, the risk of medical malpractice increases. Join Dr. Larry Van Horn, head of graduate health care programs at Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and founder/CEO of Preverity, Inc., as he shares current data and insights that will shed light on how to manage the growing risks in health systems.

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The Next Generation of Malpractice Risk Management

October 14, 2020

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management Conference Sponsor
Preverity Solution Session

Preverity, ASHRM 2020 conference sponsor, uses medical and pharmacy billing data to forecast individual provider malpractice risks across over 80% of the US physician population. Learn about the innovative process Preverity uses and how you can capitalize on Preverity’s work to better manage malpractice risk across your organization.


Larry Van Horn, Preverity Founder & CEO
Matt Koerlin, Preverity Chief Product Officer


COVID-19 Real-time Data Update on Health Care Volumes​

Larry Van Horn, Preverity Founder & CEO​

June 9, 2020

Professor Van Horn shares an update on health care trends using Preverity’s real-time data assets around the return to volume; as well as a deeper dive into the types of volume changes that occurred during the month of March.

Specific focus is on surgical specialties, the types of care that declined, changes in prescribing patterns, ED utilization and the shift to telehealth.

Larry Van Horn, Preverity Founder & CEO


COVID-19 Real-time Impact on Healthcare Delivery

May 19, 2020

Preverity, an MPL Association Premium Affiliate Partner, hosts a free webinar discussing COVID-19 and the real-time impact on healthcare delivery. As part of an effort to support the White House COVID-19 response, Preverity founder and Vanderbilt Professor Larry Van Horn is tracking respiratory disease and medical care consumption on a daily basis using the real-time data assets of Preverity. He presents observations describing how medical care delivery has changed in light of the COVID-19 outbreak in America and highlights important considerations for MPL insurance carriers.

Larry Van Horn, Preverity Founder & CEO
Divya Parikh, MPL Association Moderator