Reduce captive expense by eliminating unsafe practices.

Detect clinical risk and ensure safe practice by deploying the industry’s leading clinical risk solution.


By analyzing the US’s largest repository of clinical data, Preverity delivers timely intelligence on clinical activity. Healthcare leaders see at a glance how their systems, physicians, and clinical practices compare nationwide.

Clinical Risk Information System

Preverity’s patient safety monitoring system applies clinical data from 80% of the US commercial healthcare market to identify behaviors and standards correlating with safety and better outcomes. Financial executives, chief medical officers, and risk managers can benchmark practices and identify specific clinical behaviors that impact outcomes. Armed with standardized data, health systems can understand their standard practices in light of their system’s unique needs.

Apply data insights to:

Preverity Practice Evaluation

Preverity’s patient safety report makes comparing individual physicians to national, regional, and local norms easy.

It highlights specific and measurable insights to facilitate conversations with valued healthcare providers and empowers physicians to compare clinical choices to their peers, leading to greater patient safety.

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Preverity is an AHA Associate